Candidate for Maine State House District 1

Kristi For Kittery

Kristi for Kittery


I love our Kittery community and believe we need strong representation in Augusta!

For nearly 20 years, Kittery has been my home. I feel lucky to live in a tight knit town with so much beauty that surrounds us, a rich coastal history, and a diverse population of natives and newcomers.

In both my professional and personal roles, I have had the good fortune to get to know many of you! I work in the healthcare field as a registered Dietitian and co-owner of a small private integrative medicine practice. My husband and I are the proud parents of a daughter who has attended Kittery public schools. I have served as the Board Chair of the Kittery Community Center, and have volunteered on many school and community initiatives, including the Women and Children's Homeless Shelter, UU Soup Kitchen, Recycling Committee, Proficiency Based Learning Committee, the Diversity Committee and Kittery Advocates for All. I believe my experience and passion in the fields of health care, small business ownership, the environment, and education will provide a strong foundation to tackle the issues that we are facing in our state government.

Civic engagement is an important component to building a strong community and it’s been my privilege to have been involved in our town and region on so many levels. I have a proven track record of leadership and integrity. Most of all, I am a problem solver. To be effective in that role, it takes an ability to truly listen. It’s something I do in my profession every day, and I look forward to hearing what is important to you as I travel through the district in the coming months.

Please feel free to reach out. I would love to hear what’s on your mind.

Top Issues


I support the voter referendum that established a 55% funding level for Maine schools. The state budget has not achieved this level and taxpayers bear the burden of this shortfall. All Maine children deserve a high quality education with teachers receiving a livable wage. Too many of our Maine teachers are working two or three jobs to support themselves. State funding should help our districts improve teacher salaries and entice more teachers to work in our Maine schools.

Preventative, Affordable, High Quality Healthcare

As a Dietitian I have seen how feeling better changes my patients’ lives, livelihoods and family interactions. As a legislator, I would advocate for measures that offer expanded preventative health care coverage for all Mainers. I support legislation that is currently looking to expand Medicaid coverage to include dental care for children and postpartum care for mothers.

I also support Governor Mills initiative Made for Maine Health Coverage Act that seeks to offer common medical visits at a lower cost, simplifying shopping for a private plan, and leveraging federal funds to help small businesses afford insurance premiums.

It is my belief that health care is a human right; no Mainer should be without coverage and lowering healthcare costs needs to be a part of the solution.

Renewable Energy

I support renewable energy and climate change initiatives to reduce Maine's greenhouse gas emissions, including Governor Mill’s initiative to cut carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. Included in this effort are incentives for creating energy-efficient heating, and new solar incentive programs.

This is near and dear to my heart as I was an original member of the Portsmouth Recycling Committee 30 years ago that implemented a city wide recycling initiative. More recently, I chaired the Kittery Community Center Board of Directors and lead the board to adopt a five year Strategic Plan that includes an emphasis on expanding the use of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient practices in the KCC, and explore the use of active and passive solar technologies.

I believe we need to act now and I will work hard to move Maine into a leadership position in a clean energy economy.


Rep Deane Rykerson

‘Kristi has been doing a great job as a member of the Kittery community. She will be an excellent candidate for state representative. – Rep Deane Rykerson, Maine House District 1

Maureen Convery

“There could not be a better candidate for this position. I have admired her skill as chairman of the Kittery Community Center Board of directors, her ability to bring diversity of ideas to a positive conclusion, her thorough examination of issues and to find resolutions. We would be fortunate to have her leadership.’ - Maureen Convery Kittery, Maine

Kalle Matso

"Kristi is hard-working, intelligent and principled. She is the whole package!" – Kalle Matso Kittery, Maine

Kate Lantz

“As a school teacher in Kittery, I feel heard and understood by you. Knowing that you have a daughter who has gone through our local school system puts you at the forefront of knowing our educational shortcomings and our strengths. This is important on so many levels. You have my vote!” - Kate Lantz Kittery, Maine

Janice Grady

“Kristi is intelligent, motivated, selfless, attentive and dedicated in every endeavor she undertakes. She has my support 100%!” - Janice Grady Eliot, Maine

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